We Need Your Voice

Tax reform shouldn’t come at the expense of those fighting cancer.  

Last week, the House released its tax reform plan, which includes many cuts to deductions. One deduction it eliminates is the medical expense deduction. The medical expense deduction allows people to deduct medical expenses that exceed 10 percent of their income. In other words, this deduction is used by people with very high out-of-pocket costs – like many cancer patients and their families. This deduction is incredibly important for millions of Americans facing long-term, high-cost care who rely on this deduction to afford expensive treatments, prescription drugs and insurance premiums. Colorectal cancer is a very costly disease to treat, with average treatment costs per late-stage patient totaling $120,000. For those facing these high costs, removing the medical expense deduction eliminates much needed financial relief.

We oppose efforts to eliminate the medical expense deduction on high out-of-pocket costs. Stand with us and tell your senator to keep the medical expense deduction! Tax cuts should not come at the expense of cancer patients and their families!